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The Ideal Implant for Breast Augmentation

Posted August 17, 2018 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants

“Ideal” implies perfection, which is an excellent description of the new IDEAL IMPLANT® for breast augmentation. Years of experience, study, and advanced technology led to the innovation of this new type of implant that combines safety and aesthetics for the best breast augmentation results. The IDEAL IMPLANT® can help you achieve stunning and beautiful results from your breast augmentation surgery.

Adult women of all ages can maximize their beauty potential by choosing the IDEAL IMPLANT® over traditional saline or silicone implants. From natural-looking results to reduced complications to the safety of saline filling, the benefits of this new implant type are numerous. With all that the IDEAL IMPLANT® has to offer, it is exclusively featured on our site so that candidates like you can learn all about it in preparation for your procedure.



Our virtual consultation is designed to help you understand what all of this means for you. If you are interested in enhancing your breasts, take our virtual consultation to find out which type of breast implants is right for you. Simply answer a few questions from the comfort and convenience of your own home to discover whether the IDEAL IMPLANT® could be the best match for your needs. With our virtual consultation tool, you’ll have the advantage of already knowing which implant type is ideal for you, even before you’ve met with your surgeon!


If you’re ready to take advantage of this incredible development in breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Taleisnik is THE IDEAL IMPLANT® surgeon in Orange County to see. As a board-certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience and numerous success stories, Dr. Taleisnik is exceptionally enthusiastic about the IDEAL IMPLANT® and the results it provides. Schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Taleisnik to start your journey toward achieving the beautiful, natural, and feminine curves you desire.