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Breast Augmentation

Enhance your physical appearance and gain self-confidence.

Ask Dr. Taleisnik

A surgical procedure designed to increase the size, fullness and shape of the breasts. Implants can be filled with saline or silicone and are inserted through small incisions located in the crease below the breast or along the border between the darker skin of the areola and the lighter skin of the breast. Differences in size or shape between the breasts can be diminished with breast augmentation and drooping can be improved. Women who think they have droopy or saggy breasts may actually require a breast augmentation to fill the breasts.

Best Candidates

breast augmentation surgeon in orange county

The best candidates for breast augmentation are:

  • Women who want bigger or fuller breasts with better cleavage
  • Women who want perky breasts
  • Women who lost breast shape or volume due to pregnancy or weight loss
  • Women who want to look better in tank tops and swimsuits
  • Women who sometimes don’t want to wear a bra
  • Women who want to improve the shape of the breasts
  • Women who want to improve asymmetric breasts



Inframammary Incision

Performed just above the breast crease underneath the breast. Scar is easily hidden in the breast’s natural fold.

Transaxillary Incision

Located in the armpit. Dr. Taleisnik does not recommend this incision.

Periareolar Incision

Around the bottom half of the areola (the dark circle of skin surrounding the nipple). Scar will blend into the edge of the areola.


Under The Muscle

Preferred method: Implant is placed under the pectoralis major muscle to help pad the implants, which leads to a more natural look and feel.

Over The Muscle

Implant is placed over the pectoralis major muscle for patients with moderate breast tissue. This technique can be helpful when correcting certain breast-shape problems, or when a patient has drooping but does not want a breast lift.


Factors to consider for breast implant size:

  • Existing breast volume and width
  • Skin quality and tightness
  • Proportionality to shoulder width/chest wall width/hip size/buttock size
  • Patient preferences
  • Patient desire to look “natural and proportional” vs. larger/smaller than what would be proportional

Types of Breast Implants

A breast implant is a silicone shell filled with either a saltwater solution known as saline, or filed with a silicone gel. If the saline-filled implant leaks, the fluid is absorbed into the body. This is the same as if the saline were given as an IV fluid. Currently the FDA approves both silicone and saline-filled implants.

Information regarding implants is discussed with the patient during consultation and at the time of surgery. There are various reasons why a patient or surgeon might prefer saline or silicone breast implants. Read more about silicone vs. saline breast implants.


  • FDA approved
  • Pre-filled with silicone gel
  • Looks and feels more natural
  • Higher cost


  • FDA approved
  • Sterile salt water (inserted empty)
  • Firmer, fuller appearance
  • Lower cost

Ideal Implant®

Ideal Implant in orange county
  • Dr. Taleisnik is one of the limited number of board-certified plastic surgeons approved to offer the IDEAL IMPLANT®
  • The IDEAL IMPLANT® has the benefits of a saline implant with the look and feel of silicone
  • The internal structure of the IDEAL IMPLANT® supports the implant edges to reduce folding and wrinkling
  • The IDEAL IMPLANT® is beauty without compromise and with a natural aesthetic
  • The IDEAL IMPLANT® contours to the chest wall for a tailored appearance
  • The structure of the IDEAL IMPLANT® reduces the rate of rupture and capsular contracture

Click here to learn even more about Ideal Implant®

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Patient Reviews


If you are interested in getting any surgical procedures done i would recommend andres taleisnik. i have been a patient of dr andres taleisnik since 2007 now. i first went in for a breast augmentation in 2007. i was very happy with the results and healing process. i could not complain one bit. this was my first breast aug. so i was afraid to go too big and not like it. after getting them done i changed my mind about the size. i was so happy with andres taleisniks outcome though and went back for my second procedure in 2008. and when i went back for this procedure i brought my sister in law with me because she wants her breasts redone and bigger also. she didnt want to return to her first doctor who had did them so i recommended taleisnik to her and explained how happy i was. so she went for her consultation and felt very comfortable with him also. he is a very honest dr and explains the pros and cons to what your decision is where other doctors just explain to you what you want to hear and then later that leads to difficulties. taleisnik is nothing like my siser in law and i went for our second breast aug. in 2008. we were both very pleased with our out comes. i felt like my breasts couldnt be any more perfect. then i had sent two more friends since then to see him. since 2008 i have had two kids and during pregnancies your breasts change a lot. mine dont even have bad results considering i have went through two pregnancies. the doctors results held up very well. but i still loved how they were before pregnancy so once again i am going to go back and have another surgery. so he can make them look perfect again. also my sister in law has had one kid since her breast aug with andres taleisnik and she is still very happy with her results and how well they still looked after a kid. i am so excited because i am always so happy with his results. also i have referred another friend and she is getting hers done also…also being very comfortable with taleisnik. i will be making a follow up review when surgery is done which will be within two months. already had my consultation. so like i said if you want a perfect result and a very good dr. who is very honest and truthful and good at explaining details..go see dr andres taleisnik… you will be very happy!!!!


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Additional Information


$6,900 – $9,000

Saline implants: $6,400 – $8,500.
Silicone implants: $6,900 – $9,000.
Ideal Implant: $7,200 – $8,500.

We accept payments by all major Credit Cards, Cash or Cashier’s Check or financing through CareCredit®


Friends Deal: Two patients going through the breast augmentation process together will each receive a $400 discount, with greater discounts for larger groups of friends.

Military Discounts Available

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Breast Augmentation is very rarely covered by insurance. Possible exception is if there is a significant deformity.


General Anesthesia

General anesthesia makes you unable to feel pain during medical procedures. All surgeries are performed in outpatient surgery centers accredited at the highest levels. All anesthesia is provided by board-certified anesthesiologists.

Recovery Time

Most patients feel ready to return to work that is not physically strenuous within one week, with some patients returning to work after only 3-4 days. Highly physical work may not be comfortable for 2-3 weeks. Patients may resume exercising by 10 days after surgery, but heavy use of the pectoral muscles (pushups, chest flys at the gym) are discouraged until 6 weeks.

5-7 Days

Off Work

2-3 Days

Bandage Removal

3-5 Days

Follow-Up Visit

2-3 Months

Sutures Absorbed

2-3 Wks

Resume Exercise

6 Wks

Best Results