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Arm Lift

Gain confidence by improving your body shape.

Ask Dr. Taleisnik

A surgical procedure designed to remove excess or loose skin from the upper arms. This results in improved contour and tightening of the arms. Arm lifts are most commonly indicated after significant weight loss, which can result in hanging, sagging upper arm skin and tissues. If the loose or droopy appearance of the arms is due to other problems, such as excess fat or muscles with poor tone, then liposuction of fat or exercise to improve muscle tone might be more appropriate.

Arm lift surgery (brachioplasty) involves a scar that usually extends from the armpit to the elbow, along the inner surface of the arm. It is often inconspicuous with the arms in relaxed positions, but the scar could be visible with the arms raised. In most patients, the scar tends to fade and become less noticeable with passage of time. Patients are usually very pleased with the surgery, despite the scars, since they can now fit into sleeves more easily, with a nice shape to the arms in short sleeves or sleeveless clothing as well.


The best candidates for arm lifts are:

  • Individuals with loose, hanging skin of the upper arms and armpits following weight loss.
  • Older individuals with loose, hanging skin of the upper arms and armpits due to aging and stretching of the skin.

Poor candidates for arm lifts are:

  • Individuals with overly large upper arms due to excess fat, without significant loose skin (liposuction may be helpful).
  • Individuals with loose or saggy upper arms due mainly to poor muscle tone, without significant loose skin.

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Patient Reviews


“From previous experience of meeting with all of Doctor Andres team due to my sister having a mommy makeover, then my own experience of my procedure it has been an overall positive and extremely satisfactory process, to have been cared by the best team in orange county in my opinion. To also know that we would have the best care due to any complications and being seen in a magnet hospital Saint Joseph Hospital, was comforting, however no complications were experience, very little pain after my surgery.I’m proud to say I have had surgery by one of the BEST surgeons. Thank you kindly for everyones involvement and dedication in making my process in this procedure so comfortable. May your business continue succeeding and may God continue to Bless your hands. By this I want to invite all who is looking for the best results, realistic, affordable caring staff and surgeon to consider without hesitation or doubt Doctor Andres ; )”

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Additional Information


$7,000 – $10,000

Price includes both arms depending on severity and operating time required.

We accept payments by all major Credit Cards, Cash or Cashier’s Check or financing through CareCredit®

Current Specials

25% off surgeon’s fee: Any patient who undergoes an arm lift at the same surgical session as another major post-weight loss procedure

15% off surgeon’s fee: Any patient who performs an arm lift after a tummy tuck or breast lift/augmentation

Military Discounts Available

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If there is severe excess of skin causing skin rashes in the armpits, it may be covered.

Please email us and we will be happy to help answer your financing questions.


General Anesthesia

General anesthesia makes you unable to feel pain during medical procedures. All surgeries are performed in outpatient surgery centers accredited at the highest levels. All anesthesia is provided by board-certified anesthesiologists.

Recovery Time

Patients will generally experience swelling and tightness of the upper extremities for 1-2 weeks, usually with little pain. Most patients can use their arms for routine daily activities within 5-10 days, and for all activities within 2-3 weeks.

3-7 Days

Off Work

2-5 Days

Bandage Removal

2-5 Days

Follow-Up Visit

2-3 Wks

Stitches Removed

2-3 Wks

Resume Exercise

4-6 Wks

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