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Category: Liposuction

How to Get Your Body Summer Ready

Posted April 30, 2018

Spring is here, which means one thing is certain: summer will soon arrive. Everyone is planning beach trips, pool parties, island vacations, and outdoor excursions of every kind to make the most of the sunny summer days. If you feel like your body doesn’t quite fit the bill for your picture-perfect summer, here are some […]

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Getting a Mommy Makeover? What to Expect

Posted April 19, 2017

There are a lot of things to plan and prepare for when you’re considering major surgery. A Mommy Makeover can seem even more complicated than other surgeries because it incorporates several surgeries into one. Here is what you can expect for the consultation, surgery, recovery, and results if you are getting a Mommy Makeover. The […]

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What Liposuction Can and Can’t Do For You

Posted January 10, 2017

Liposuction can do so much for you that there’s little wonder as to why this procedure is so wildly popular. Still, while liposuction could be the answer to your problems, it is not a solution for everything. Nonetheless, despite a few limitations, liposuction can greatly enhance your figure and improve your quality of life. What Liposuction CAN […]

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How to Get an Hourglass Figure

Posted October 05, 2016

Feminine beauty ideals have evolved dramatically over the centuries. One of the predominant images of feminine attractiveness today is the glamorous hourglass figure of famous beauties like Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, and Elizabeth Taylor. However, very few women have this body shape; it’s far more common to have a rectangular or pear-shaped figure. If an hourglass […]

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Get a Beach Body: Women’s Edition

Posted May 31, 2016

When summer comes along, you want your body to look its best so that you can show it off in a bikini. The following procedures for body enhancement and body contouring can help you get a toned and attractive body just in time for a summer at the beach. Breast Surgeries Many women lament the […]

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Get a Beach Body: Men’s Edition

Posted May 17, 2016

Getting ready for summer means it’s time to get your body in fit condition so that you look your best when you go to the beach. Plastic surgery procedures for men such as gynecomastia surgery and liposuction can help you get a beach body just in time to hit the waves and soak in the sun rays. […]

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Get Ready for Swimsuit Season

Posted April 07, 2016

As March becomes April and April turns into May, we draw closer and closer to summer. Summer is the height of swimsuit season, where people love to hang out at the beach or by the pool. But if your body still isn’t bikini ready, there’s no need to panic. Exercise and a healthy diet can […]

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How Soon After a Mommy Makeover Can I Exercise?

Posted October 20, 2015

Mommy Makeover surgery can restore women’s bodies after pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing by eliminating stubborn fat deposits, lifting and restoring volume to the breasts, tightening the abdominal muscles, and eliminating loose abdominal skin. These procedures will require some recovery time in which the woman should refrain from exercising. Here’s what you need to know about […]

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Liposuction FAQ

Posted August 20, 2014

Liposuction has become a very popular procedure in the last few years, with almost 200,000 procedures performed in the United States last year alone, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. With so many people enjoying the benefits of this procedure, we thought it fitting to write an article about the questions we hear […]

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Orange County Cosmetic Surgery

Posted February 27, 2014

Dr. Taleisnik has been a practicing plastic surgeon since joining his father’s group in 1997 for patients in Orange County. He specializes in a wide range of procedures for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He attracts a diverse clientele due to his customized and comprehensive care provided at his plastic surgery practice. Dr. Taleisnik is in […]

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