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What Is the Best Filler for Lip Augmentation?

Posted March 08, 2016 in JUVÉDERM®, Lip Augmentation, Uncategorized

For thousands of years, people have used lipstick, red dye, and even crushed gemstones to
enhance their lips. Historically, highlighting the lips has indicated higher social status, served as a fashion statement, and drawn attention to a person’s attractiveness. Nowadays, facial fillers like JUVÉDERM® are used in 
lip augmentation to enhance the beauty and attractiveness of the lips.

Before and After JUVEDERM Lip Augmentation

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Lip Augmentation With JUVÉDERM®

Lip augmentation with JUVÉDERM® enhances the appearance, fullness, and shape of the lips. Dr. Taleisnik performs this non-surgical treatment in his office, and the treatment takes only a few minutes. By carefully and artistically injecting JUVÉDERM® to enhance the shape, volume, smoothness, and size of the lips, Dr. Taleisnik makes a patient’s lips look more stunning yet naturally beautiful.

The Advantages of JUVÉDERM®

The injectable filler JUVÉDERM® has distinct advantages over other forms of lip augmentation. One advantage is that JUVÉDERM® is comprised of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural substance found in healthy skin, and it enhances the volume and softness of the skin. Injecting an HA filler into the lips adds natural-looking fullness and softness. This HA filler also gives Dr. Taleisnik more control so that he can enhance the lips gradually and precisely for the best results. Additionally, JUVÉDERM® injections are non-surgical, take only a few minutes, leave no scars, and have minimal to no recovery time. Patients can undergo a short treatment and see immediate results. The results of JUVÉDERM® lip augmentation last up to one year or longer and can easily be touched up with additional treatment sessions. JUVÉDERM® is particularly valued for its ability to enhance aging lips that have begun to thin out or develop fine lines. With its unprecedented ability to subtly yet profoundly enhance the lips, JUVÉDERM® is the ideal treatment for lip augmentation.

If you are interested in non-surgical lip augmentation, schedule your consultation with Dr. Taleisnik today to discuss how lip augmentation with JUVÉDERM® could benefit you. To book your appointment, please call us at (714) 538-8549 or complete our online contact form at your earliest convenience.