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Breast Augmentation Surgery In Orange County

Posted December 13, 2008 in Breast Augmentation, Uncategorized

Breast Enlargement Surgery

breast enlargement surgeryFew procedures have as great an impact on a woman’s appearance, self-esteem and confidence as breast augmentation. This surgery is generally performed for women age 18 or over, although it can occasionally be appropriate for those under 18 as well. Many women who seek breast augmentation never experienced much breast development. Others complain of decreased breast fullness and volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Still other women develop empty, sagging breasts after losing significant weight, or have an unsatisfactory breast shape. Finally, many women who already have nicely shaped and sized breasts simply wish to increase their size. After surgery, my patients often tell me that they feel more feminine, sexier, and more comfortable and confident wearing bathing suits and many types of clothes.  They often undergo breast augmentation seeking to improve the proportions of their figures, balancing their breasts with their shoulders, hips and butts. The results after breast augmentation can be dramatic for all of these reasons, and I receive great satisfaction from the joy my patients express to me after surgery.

Breast Augmentation Before And After Photos

There are many options and choices when considering breast augmentation, including whether a breast lift should be combined with the augmentation. Many women who feel that their breasts are droopy or saggy actually just have breasts that are now empty, and can obtain beautiful results with breast implants alone. Others clearly would benefit from a lift with the augmentation. Other considerations include use of saline or silicone implants, standard or high profile implants, incision location, placement of the implant above or below the pectoral muscle, improvement of asymmetries, and determining the implant size that will provide the look YOU are seeking.

Breast Augmentation before and after photos

As you might imagine, every woman has her own goals, concerns and challenges when undergoing breast augmentation. All breast augmentations are unique. It is therefore critical that you select a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Please review my extensive background and training in plastic surgery. I take pride in caring for each and every one of my patients in the most comprehensive, individualized, personalized manner possible. The initial consultation is always with me and a nurse. I want to ensure that the patient understands the options and consequences fully, and that I understand what the patient is truly trying to achieve. Whether a patient is seeking breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, liposuction, or any other procedure, every patient has unique preferences and unique challenges. I spend a lot of time with every patient, to an extent that exceeds virtually any other plastic surgery office in Orange County, to be sure that we are both comfortable with our choices, and are striving for the same goals. Every postoperative visit is supervised personally by me as well. From beginning to end, you will be cared for like nowhere else.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation to meet with me, please call my office at 714-835-6500, or email me using the contact form on this website. I answer each email personally.

Dr. Andres Taleisnik