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Get a Beach Body: Women’s Edition

Posted May 31, 2016 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Liposuction, Mommy Makeover, Tummy Tuck

When summer comes along, you want your body to look its best so that you can show it off in a bikini. The following procedures for body enhancement and body contouring can help you get a toned and attractive body just in time for a summer at the beach.

Breast Surgeries

Many women lament the fact that their breasts don’t properly fill out a bikini. Instead of bemoaning your fate, get breast implants so that you can show off your curves in any bathing suit. Other breast surgeries such as a breast lift or breast reduction can enhance your breasts so that they look youthful, perky, balanced, symmetrical, full, and round.


Stubborn fat deposits may make you feel self-conscious about your body and discourage you from wanting to wear a swimsuit. Liposuction can eliminate localized fat from nearly anywhere on your body with minimal to no scarring. You will be able to wear any type of swimsuit to show off your trim and toned body.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Having a loose stomach with stubborn fat may lead you to purchase a one-piece swimsuit or swim dress so that you can hide it. Instead, get a tummy tuck to tighten your abdomen, get rid of loose skin, and eliminate lower belly fat. Any scarring can be hidden by most swimwear, so you will be able to wear the style of swimsuit you like and still feel completely at ease with how your tummy looks while you wear it.

Before and After Mommy MakeoverMommy Makeover

Too many mothers are so self-conscious about their bodies that they don’t feel comfortable in any kind of swimsuit, let alone a sexy bikini. The Mommy Makeover combines multiple procedures at once to enhance your breasts, trim your waistline, and get rid of stubborn fat deposits. This full-body treatment can make your body look youthful, firm, and toned again so that you look right at home in a bikini or an attractive one-piece swimsuit.

These plastic surgery procedures can help you get a beach body so that you can more fully embrace the summer sun. Schedule your consultation right away with Dr. Taleisnik to get a jump start on your treatment plan. Call our Orange office at (714) 538-8549 or fill out our online contact form, and we will help you book your appointment today.