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Breast Revision Surgery in Orange County

Posted September 08, 2009 in Breast Asymmetry, Breast Revision, Uncategorized

Breast Augmentation Revision Specialist

Breast Revision SurgeryEvery woman hopes that her breast surgery, whether it be a breast augmentation, a breast lift, or a breast reduction, will produce beautiful results that last for many years. Often, this is indeed what occurs. Sometimes, however, there can be causes for dissatisfaction, either from the original surgery itself, or from the changes that occur with passage of time. Most of the time, these concerns can be improved with a well-planned and executed breast revision surgery. Revision surgery can be tricky, so please be sure to consult a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, as I am. I help patients from throughout Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties (and from other areas and States) to achieve the results they’re seeking.

I perform revision breast surgeries for many different reasons. After augmentation, some women feel that their size is not what they were seeking. Implant size and shape can be changed to produce a result that pleases the patient. In my own practice, very few patients request a change of implant size, since I routinely insert sizer implants at the time of surgery to best determine what size implants will best accomplish the patient’s goals. Patients come to me who have had breast augmentations that resulted in one implant sitting higher than the other. I’m usually able to improve that situation as well.

Sometimes a patient can be very happy with her original augmentation, but she develops problems as time passes. The implants can leak (either suddenly or gradually), since we don’t expect them to last forever. It’s usually straightforward to change the implants when that occurs. Some patients may develop capsular contracture. This refers to the tightening and hardening of the scar tissue (or capsule) that always forms around foreign objects in our bodies. Usually, the capsule stays thin and soft. Occasionally, it becomes thicker and harder. This can make the breasts unnaturally hard, and can distort the shape or position of the implants. Sometimes, it can even be painful. The treatment involves exchanging the implants, combined with performance of a capsulectomy. This means that the hard scar tissue is cut out, leaving the breast soft again.

Another cause of dissatisfaction after breast augmentation can be the breast drooping that may occur as time passes. Skin loses elasticity as we age, and may begin to stretch out. This can happen often to women who haven’t undergone augmentation as well, but the extra weight of the implants can contribute. I frequently perform breast lifts, or mastopexies, to help women in this situation. The breasts can be lifted and tightened to provide a nicer, more youthful appearance (often with more comfort as well).

I also see women in my practice who have undergone breast lifts or reductions elsewhere, and now need a revision of those procedures. As with anything else, the breast tissue can stretch and sag even after a lift or reduction, especially as the patient ages. A revision of the lift or reduction can often improve the situation significantly.

Once again, please remember that any revision surgery is more complex than the original procedure. It’s important to consult a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who performs revision procedures often.