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Choosing a Qualified Plastic Surgeon

Posted July 15, 2014 in Choosing A Surgeon, Uncategorized

Certified By The American Board of Plastic Surgery

Certified By The American Board of Plastic SurgeryThere are now so many individuals offering cosmetic surgical procedures that it can be very difficult for a patient considering surgery to choose the best or most qualified doctor. Advertisements for plastic or cosmetic surgeons are everywhere, so how does a patient make sense of all the information?

First, you should be aware that ANY doctor can call him or herself a cosmetic surgeon, and can legally perform many types of cosmetic surgeries even if they’re not actually plastic surgeons. Also, many doctors advertise that they are “board certified,” but don’t indicate the specific type of board certification they have. There are many unofficial boards and societies, with very official sounding names, that grant certification or society membership merely by paying a fee.

Certified By The American Society of Plastic SurgeonsThe ONLY board that counts for a properly trained plastic surgeon is the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). Surgeons that have received certification through this board have gone through many years of rigorous training, passed written and oral exams on a periodic basis, and had their practice patterns and results evaluated by reputable peers. Most board certified plastic surgeons are also members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the main professional society of true plastic surgeons.

Why is it important to choose a properly board certified surgeon? You are entrusting your body, your health, and your well-being to someone. An ABPS certified surgeon has the training, skill and experience to help you decide which of many procedures and options will help you the most. A dermatologist or gynecologist who has attended a weekend liposuction course may recommend liposuction even if other procedures might be more appropriate for a certain patient, because that’s all they have to offer. Certified By The American Society For Aesthetic Plastic SurgeryA properly certified plastic surgeon has a large array of procedures and techniques that he can utilize to give you the results you truly want, and knows when to use which. He also has the training and experience to handle problems or complications, even if they may occur infrequently.

Please take a moment to review my extensive background and training in plastic surgery. I take pride in caring for each and every one of my patients in the most comprehensive, individualized, personalized manner possible. The initial consultation is always with me and my nurse. I want to ensure that the patient understands the options and consequences fully, and that I understand what the patient is truly trying to achieve. Whether a patient is seeking breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, liposuction, or any other procedure, every patient has unique preferences and unique challenges. I spend a lot of time with every patient, to an extent that exceeds virtually any other office, to be sure that we are both comfortable with our choices, and are striving for the same goals. Every postoperative visit is supervised personally by me as well. From beginning to end, you will be cared for like nowhere else.

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If you’d like to schedule a consultation to meet with me, please call my office at 714-835-6500 or send me an email via the contact form on my website. I answer each email personally.

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