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Breast Lift Surgery In Orange County

Posted November 05, 2009 in Breast Asymmetry, Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants, Breast Lift, Uncategorized

Breast Lift Surgery To Enhance Saggy Breasts

Unfortunately for our bodies, gravity is always pulling. This leads to drooping eyelids, drooping faces, drooping tummies, and yes, drooping breasts. Big breasts tend to droop or sag more than small breasts as time passes, but no breast is immune. There are other important reasons that breasts can droop. Pregnancy is a major cause of breast drooping (medically referred to as “ptosis”). I’ve recently written several articles about “The Mommy Makeover,” a combination of procedures (including breast enhancement) designed to counteract the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Some women develop breasts with unsatisfactory shapes, often with ptosis, right from the start, during puberty. Other women experience severe breast drooping after losing large amounts of weight. Fortunately, procedures are available to improve all of these problems.

Dr. Taleisnik Breast lift

Breast drooping, or ptosis, is usually improved with a surgery known as a mastopexy, or breast lift. A mastopexy can raise the nipple and the areola (the darker skin around each nipple) to the appropriate height. It can help to restore cleavage, lift the breast off the chest wall, and improve the appearance and feel of breast fullness. If the areola diameter is too big, the areolas can be reduced to a more pleasing size. Many women tell me that it’s much easier to find properly fitting bras, and attractive swimsuits or clothing, after undergoing a breast lift.

The first step is to determine whether you actually need a breast lift, or if your breasts are simply “empty” or “deflated,” as can often occur after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Many patients who see me in my Orange County office requesting a breast lift actually benefit more from a breast augmentation. It’s important to consult a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery if you’re thinking about enhancing your breasts. Your surgeon must have the necessary education, training, experience, and judgment to help you to decide which procedure will provide the improvement you desire. Certainly, there are many women who do require a lift, and others who benefit most from breast augmentation in combination with a breast lift. A breast lift alone may not be able to restore the volume and upper breast fullness that some women seek. For such patients, adding implants to a breast lift can produce beautiful results.

Any breast lift will create come scarring on the breast. In most patients, the scars fade and become fairly inconspicuous with passage of time. Some patients, however, will form scars that remain more visible (but not in clothing or a swimsuit). There are different types of lifts, each producing different degrees of scarring. Many factors determine which type of lift is appropriate for any given patient.

When ptosis, or breast drooping, is quite severe, patients require a traditional type of mastopexy, or lift. This type of lift creates more scars, but is also very powerful. The breasts can be totally reshaped and repositioned with a full mastopexy. Once again, it may be helpful to add implants as well to improve upper breast fullness and cleavage.

I often perform a modified type of breast lift for my patients undergoing breast augmentation who also require slight tightening of the breast skin and slight elevation of the nipples and areolas. This is referred to as a “concentric mastopexy.” This type of lift creates a scar around the areola only. Since the scar is at the border of two different colors and textures of skin, it tends to blend in well. Photos illustrating this can be seen in my photo gallery.

If your breasts are heading south, or if you’re unhappy with them in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact my office at 714-835-6500. We can arrange a free consultation, where I can help you to decide the best way to obtain the improvements you want. I evaluate and treat patients from all over Newport Beach and Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and LA County, as well as patients from other states, who are dissatisfied with their breasts. I look forward to helping you too.

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