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Breast Augmentation Trends in 2018

Posted May 31, 2018 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants

Over the decades, our culture has become more image-conscious. Given this trend, personal cosmetic treatments are frequently sought after and even expected among adults today. Breast augmentation as a cosmetic treatment remains highly popular and has evolved to meet the needs of today’s women. Check out some of the following trends you can expect for breast augmentation in 2018.

Augmentations on the Rise

Breast augmentation continues to rise in popularity every year. From 2016 to 2017, the number of breast augmentations performed across the nation rose by seven percent. This rising trend has continued for years: since 2000, breast augmentations have increased by over 60 percent! If these statistics are any indication, breast implants are even more socially acceptable today than they were just a few years ago.

Less is More

One interesting shift in breast augmentation is the breast size women desire. Twenty or thirty years ago, many women preferred breast implants that were significantly larger than their natural breasts. Socially speaking, the then-desired aesthetic was to have a bold, beautifully buxom chest. Today, more women are interested in a natural, yet lifted look. Subtle changes are more desirable, which means the women of 2018 are choosing implants that are closer to their natural breast size.

Maintaining a Natural Look

The cultural focus on maintaining a natural look has led women to be more discriminatory about the types of implants they choose for breast augmentation. Both size and style play a factor, and more natural-looking breast implants have been developed to accommodate these interests. The IDEAL IMPLANT® is a new advancement in technology designed to optimize beauty, aesthetic, comfort, and safety. Women who seek a natural look can choose the IDEAL IMPLANT® for the benefits of saline, the look and feel of silicone, reduced risks, and a custom-tailored appearance.

2018 breast augmentation trends show a continued increase in popularity with a new focus on providing a natural, subtle boost to the appearance of the breasts. However trends continue to shift, it is likely that breast implants will always remain a fashionable way to enhance a woman’s image.