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So Happy with my New and Improved Breasts!

From pre-op to post-op, Dr. Andres was with me every step of the way. I absolutely love how easy it is to get a hold of him via email, you’ll almost always get a same day response making it super convenient and comforting to know when you’re thinking about undergoing surgery. Especially if you’re like me (I’m a paranoid patty.)

So here’s my short story. I’ve always been obsessed with boobs, I felt like everyone had them but me. I waited and waited for mine to grow, but it just never happened. My right boob was slightly smaller than my left, so bras just never fit quite right. Long story short, I just never felt womanly. My sister and I had always joked about bargain shopping for boobs since we all know breast augmentations aren’t cheap. (hahaha! who would bargain shop for boobs?) but last thing I wanted was to end up on the show botched, so I decided that I would just save up to find a good ps. (but if you were wondering, Dr. Andres does give a discount if you and a friend decide to get a breast augmentation done together) so after years of feeling underdeveloped, I finally did it.

I started looking up plastic surgeons on real self and tried to find a somewhat affordable, yet great surgeon with good reviews. After emailing what seemed like 20 surgeons, only one stood out, Dr. Andres was the only one genuinely interested in helping me receive the look I wanted and answered all my questions before I even came in for my consultation. Granted that most ps are busy with surgeries and other patients , I feel like it’s important to create that bond even if it takes an extra minute to put a little thought extra and feeling into an email. (I want to feel like I’m talking to a real person.) I mean, you’re basically paying someone a lot of money to slice you open and stitch you back up. I NEED to feel like my plastic surgeon cares for my well being as well as achieving the look I want.

And after looking over tens of before and after pictures, I was honestly tired of seeing over-sized boobs that didn’t really fit the persons frame. As much as I wanted big boobs, what I wanted more was a great ps who could give me natural looking and full breasts.

I was completely confident that Dr. Andres would be the one I chose to perform my breast augmentation. So confident that I scheduled my surgery right after our consultation! I knew I wanted him to be my ps after the first couple of emails we exchanged and after meeting him, I just couldn’t wait . He knew exactly what I was looking for and he was very attentive to what I wanted/had to say. He genuinely listens to what you want and will give suggestions to what he thinks would fit your frame whether you’re going for a natural look or a slightly “juicier” look. I am definitely going to recommend him to all my cousins and girlfriends looking to get a breast augmentation!

I’m 7 weeks post op and I couldn’t be happier!! My boobs looks awesome! Thank you Dr. Andres!!

I can’t wait to show them off to the world! They’re so natural that if you saw me walking on the street you wouldn’t even know i had them augmented! You’d think I was just blessed 😉 (which is perfect, because that’s what I was going for) they look so good!