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42 Years Old, Weight Loss MAJOR Sagging! -Orange County, CA

6 Days Post-Op

Well, I had my surgery last week and so far it is the most painful thing I have ever done (I have had two kids, one was a c-section!). My breasts are SOOOO swollen, its crazy. When I am lying down my chin can rest on the top of them. I am freaking out!!!! Here are my stats:

Height: 5’4
Weight: 144
Weight lost: 70 lbs
Pre-surgery size: 36D
Procedure: Full lift (Mastopexy) with silicone implant 300cc Mentor Moderate Plus

Right now all I can think about is how uncomforatble I am. I feel like when I take off the bra my breasts are being pulled into a vice grip. They look so strange and I am really questioning if I did the right thing. I have no clue what these are going to look like in the long run. I am worried that the 300cc was not enough, I left that up to my surgeon. I am just so sore!!!!!!!!!!!! Any help would be great!!!!

Here are a couple of pictures…I cannot believe I am posting these online!!!!!!!! To me they look scary. They sort of feel like they are not part of my body anymore.

Breast Lift Post-Op Photos

11 Days Post-Op

So just thought I would update my post with some progress I am making. I am definitely in less pain now but still taking muscle relaxers ( those REALLY help!). I pulled back one of the steri strips today and there is a bunch of weird goo there that I think is glue? I didn’t see any stitches so I am not sure if mine are the kind that dissolve and you can’t see? It’s kind of weird but I see the doc this Friday to have him remove the steri strips. I so badly want to do this myself but my husband really thinks I should wait. I think getting those off will be good for my mental state. Seeing that dried blood and goo in the mirror sucks!!!!

I am also planning to start Embrace treatment this Friday as well. It’s silicone scar strips that the doctor replaces every week for 6 weeks. I hoping this really helps minimize scarring. It’s expensive but after dropping 10k I figure what’s a few hundred more?

I also side slept last night and hope that was ok. It felt so good to get off my back!!!!!! Beyond that, I’m still taking it easy…not driving yet or anything. It will be great to rejoin the human race in a few days and drive. Anyway, just thought I would post a few changes! 🙂

13 Days Post-Op

I woke up this morning and for the first time no massive pain. My breasts feel less tight and one nipple is lower than the other so I think they’re dropping. I am taking muscle relaxers and Advil now so I think that’s really helping. I also started massaging the tops where the swelling is really bad. I am using L’Occitane pure almond oil that my sister bought me. I am trying hard not to get near the steri strips but I think some of the oil got on them so they are even grosser!
Two more days and those strips finally come off!!!

I drove for the first time today too. I only went to the grocery store but it felt good to get out by myself. I am really hoping by Friday things are much better. I just can’t wait for things to settle.

This process requires EXTREME PATIENCE!!!!! I would advise anyone thinking about doing this to plan for two solid weeks off work and a ton of support. I could never ever have done this by myself or if I needed to go back to work in a short timeframe. It is a lot of downtime and waiting. I hTe wishing the days away but I’m excited to see what tomorrow will bring so I’m glad when bedtime rolls around!! 🙂

16 Days Post-Op

breast lift after major weight lossI finally got my surgical steri strips off yesterday…so much better!!! I am very pleased with how good the incisions look. On my right boob you can barely see anything around the nipple! And they seem to be dropping a little. Albeit, the right one looks lower than the left one now. I am looking forward to the implant settling so I can get some fullness under the nipple and get rid of the upper pole fullness. I dont like the upper pole fullness! I am also amazed at how much smaller my nipples are! They were BIG before…these are like 50% reduced!!!

I also started the Embrace. It only goes on the T junction to help it heal properly and not open up. Then I bought some silicone gel for the other incisions. I am really hoping in a week this looks even better. I still don’t feel like I can envision what they will look like in a few months.

Its all a waiting game and I wish I could push FF on the remote to see what I’m going to look like. Oh and the pain is a lot better. Still just very tight. So I am still taking muscle relaxers and Advil for the swelling. Oh and I’m still icing…really because it feels so good!!!! 🙂

29 Days Post-Op

OK…so had a weird thing happen last night…I noticed there were a few tiny pinhole openings on the right nipple scar. Its really odd because this skin looked totally healed! Not sure if I lifted too much (I have a 4-year old son that weighs about 40lbs!) but something caused this. I got scar sheets from my PS for the nipples (New Gel+ that goes around the areola) and was wearing those for a few days. But I cant imagine that caused this?

So today I slathered on the Neosporin and just bought some medical grade Manuka Honey. I just put the Manuka on both nipples, covered with gauze and put my compression bra on. I am going to leave this for 12 hours and see if there is any improvement. If not, I am calling my doc.

Anyone else have this happen? Any suggestions besides the Manuka and Neosporin? I would love any help!! Other than this, everything is healing very well. I have a larger Embrace scar sheet on my lower anchor scar and T-junction so that is holding up really well. Thanks!!!!!

5 Weeks Post-Op

Breast Lift after significant weight lossHi all! OK, so here is a pic 5 weeks out now. Those pinhole openings are closing using the honey and Neosporin. I kind of mix the two together to make a paste and slather on at night and cover with gauze so it doesn’t seep into my bra (it’s sticky!). Things are settling but a bit uneven still. My left boob is still more square on the bottom vs. the right boob which looks round. I still have a lot of the upper-pole fullness and more on the left so I think the implant just needs to settle.

My t-junction is completely healed now so no need for the Embrace after this week. I would say at this point most everything is healed over and the scars are really fading fast. But I heal really well and have tight skin so I think that helps.

I was cleared to get back to running and working out…yay! I am wearing my compression bra on max tightness though to keep things stable. I still am not lifting weights though. I think I’m going to wait a bit longer. But I am thrilled so far with my results! Totally worth it, my boobs look natural and younger…:)

Meant right boob is square and left boob is round! (was looking at mirror image…duh!)

8 Months Post-Op

Breast Lift Surgery after major weight lossSo thought I would finally come back on here and post some pics of my new boobs 8 months out. The scars are healing so well you can barely see the vertical one and the one under the boob looks great too! I am so amazed that these are MY boobs! From the train wreck I started with it is just amazing to have these awesome breasts…I LOVE THEM! I am a 36D now…I feel they are the perfect size for my body. So here you go…let me know what you think!!!!! xoxo

I think Dr. Talesnik is the best plastic surgeon in California! He is so good at what he does, so smart and not flashy. His work speaks for itself…nothing short of amazing! My boobs were so saggy and awful and now I love them so much!! He gave me back confidence and that is worth everything. I want to have a tummy tuck and lipo next with Dr. Talesnik. If you live in Southern California, give him a call for a consultation. He will change your life!