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I had liposuction done several years ago…

I had liposuction done several years ago and the results were not so good. Not only did I have terrible scarring, but there was very uneven contouring which was noticeable and quite embarrassing. So I Started researching doctors in Los Angeles and Orange County that specialize in Liposuction. I was pleased when I met Dr. Taleisnik as he provided me with better service than any other doctor I had spoken with or met.

When I first emailed his office Late one evening, I was surprised to have a response from Dr. Taleisnik himself. At first I thought it was an online after hours answering service, but based on the complex questions I asked I knew it had to be the doctor that was responding. After emailing him a ton of questions, I went to his office in Orange county for free consultation. I was pleasantly surprised that I did not have to meet with a consultant. After meeting with other doctors I found it quite embarrassing to have to undress in front of a team of consultants who are all looking at my body and areas that I do not feel comfortable with. So I was pleasantly surprised when Dr. Taleisnik was the only person that I had to show my problem areas to.

His professionalism, bedside manner, and sincere concern for my happiness was something that I was very pleased with.

In addition to this, his background and credentials, were quite impressive. Dr. Taleisnik gave me a reasonable expectation of what he could do and also informed me that he could revise some of the scars from my previous procedure that were very noticeable and quite embarrassing. After putting together a game plan of all the areas I would like corrected and the technique he would use he put together a price quote for me that was much less than I had expected. At that point I knew this doctor was the one I wanted to perform my procedure. Now I am about a week after my procedure and have little to no pain and the results seem pretty good so far despite the fact that I still have quite a bit of swelling. Dr. Taleisnik has followed up with me every day to ensure my comfort level and to address any questions or concerns that I have.