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Elena T. 5 Star Yelp Review

Dr. Taleisnik is amazing!

He did my breast augmentation about 3 months ago and my boobs look amazing. They look perfect, but still real–which was the look that I was going for. That being said, Dr. Taleisnik listened to my desires and took time to see me several times before my surgery in order to make sure that I was going to get my desired results. I brought in pictures of the breasts that I wanted and he gave them to me. The day of the surgery, he was calming and kind, which was nice since I was nervous. After my surgery, he called me to make sure everything was okay. Overall, my recovery went smoothly and I was back to my normal life in a couple of weeks (excluding underwire bras and chest exercises). When I did have questions about my surgery and recovery, Dr. Taleisnik answered them within a day. I have gotten a lot of compliments on my breasts. Also the friends that I told that I got a breast augmentation and that had interest in getting a breast augmentation, now want Dr. Taleisnik to do their surgery. I live in Manhattan so many of these friends I am speaking of, might be willing to fly out to California based on the way my augmentation turned out.

I trusted in him 100% and was not disappointed. My mom also got her breast done and a tummy tuck through Dr. Taleisnik. Her outcome was also phenomenal: she has little to no scarring, she got her desired look, and she had no complications.

Overall, Dr. Taleisnik was professional and kind. If my personal testimony, was not sufficient for you, then you should take a look at his credentials. He went to an IVY League and later, one of the best medical programs in the Nation (UCLA). You can also take a look at his website to see his work.

Beyond that, my self confidence has gone up and I am so happy with myself thanks to Dr. Taleisnik.